TRI. tapijt RVD19429

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200x300 cm Machinaal geknoopt

€ 255
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30 dagen zichttermijn

Chi Ying Louise Man

Ontwerper: Chi Ying Louise Man



Ching Ying Louise Man studies Interior Design at Bau International Berlin. Once graduated Ching Ying Louise Man looks forward to helping anyone to great
Interior Design whatever their budget. In addition to Interior Design, Ching Ying Louise Man loves to replenish her spirit by drawing and abstract paintings.

Tapijten door Chi Ying Louise Man

Ontwerp: TRI.

TRI. is standing for triangle. In my eyes it is a modern shape which has been used a lot nowadays. It becomes to a really popular shape in designing products, paintings ect. So I thought about creating a modern and sytlish carpet by organizing a pattern with this specific shape. This design give the interior space an intresting and lively atmosphere because it's pattern including different shades of violet and beige.


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